Misuse of power

In my first post I spoke about bullying in the workplace. What should one do when placed in a position wherein your head misuses the power given to her by the institution and tries her best to make your life miserable? What should one do when one is in a situation where one does not look forward to going in to work everyday?

Sadly, I have been placed in such a position in my workplace. I am being constantly harassed and pressured on a daily basis by a person who unfortunately has been given a position of authority by the institution for which I work.

Should I decide not to be a victim and fight back? But that fight will ultimately cause distress to me and put me under more pressure. Or should I bow out of the situation?

What is to be done about people who use their authority to harass and disrespect those who are below them in the hierarchy of an organisation? I would welcome comments, suggestions and advice from all those who read my post.












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5 thoughts on “Misuse of power”

  1. There needs to be more outside, unbiased accountability for ‘leader’ who abuse power. Someone higher than them needs to be able to gently put them in their place because it will be a blow to their ego and they may already be dealing with low self esteem (hence the power tripping). If I’ve exhausted all efforts to make the situation better, I personally would try to switch jobs for the sake of my mental health.

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  2. I’m really sorry you are expericing this at work. Does this person bully others at work? Is there someone higher up that you can reach out to? Is that part of the organizational culture? Do you see yourself staying at that organization long term?

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    1. Thank you for your concern. Yes, she bullies others at work as well. I don’t see anyone higher up that I can reach out to.


  3. It is always tough and difficult. First, try to get support from your friends outside of work where you feel safe. Second, important thing is try to collect evidence. Unfortunately subtle bullying is often not done in writing, but behind closed doors between the one person and you.
    Write a detailed journal of events, persons, dates, time etc. Possible witnesses. If others are bullied to, try to speak with them to possibly raised a combined grievance, BUT keep in mind that MOST people complain about mistreatment but are not willing to stand up against it.
    So, someone who is bullied may side with you in private conversation, but when the rubber meets the road and you want to raise a formal complaint, they often back off for fear of their position or retaliation.
    I was ONLY able to go so long and stand up again and again, even while becoming ill, because I am by nature a confident and strong person. But when I became vulnerable (traumatic bereavement) all hell broke loose!!! It is only because they went too far and overstepped line that I’ve gotten angry enough to get louder and louder without fear of consequences.
    SO, the main thing, try to collect evidence, write down occurrences, even a journal helps! Keep text messages, emails etc. And most importantly DON’T be alone, confide in your friends, those you trust, but don’t be surprised when even your friends downplay bullying! Keep going and going…

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