mac-lipstick-ruby-woo-russian-red-lady-dangerTHE POWER OF RED!

I now officially dare to say: I love red lipsticks!

For so long, women of my generation were afraid to wear red lipsticks as they were afraid of being thought “bold”! In my formative years, I too prescribed to this belief and chose only neutral and light shades to adorn my lips.

However, I was always a fan of the colour red and secretly admired it from afar. I always sighed over pictures of red lipsticks in magazines and longingly gazed at red lipstick samples whenever I was buying makeup in shops.

Red lipsticks seemed impossibly glamorous to me, something worn by models, celebrities and movie stars.

Another common belief circulating in our society is that red lipsticks do not “suit” Indian skin. I heard this belief so many times that I never ventured into the arena of red lipsticks.

In my previous workplace, I encountered a female colleague who always sported red lipstick. No matter what the situation or occasion, she was never seen without her bright shade of red! She, being a person who I really looked up to, managed to draw my mind into that forbidden territory again, i.e. red lipsticks!

I have always tried to live my life on my own terms and tried not to ascribe to common beliefs. So gradually I decided to shake off this last inhibition I had and ventured to a cosmetics shop to gaze at the variety of red lipsticks for sale.

I was bowled over by the different shades of red available. For a moment, I was tempted to purchase all of them. Then, restraining myself I purchased a few of the shades that I had liked the most.

When I started using red lipsticks, it was like I was a woman transformed! I never imagined that a single accessory could change the way I perceived myself and the way that others perceived me.

Did I get several comments over my usage of red lipstick? Yes, I definitely did and I continue to do so. These comments range from, “I don’t know how you have the courage to wear red lipstick” to “But red lipsticks suit you.”

I am not of the view that a woman needs a tool to look beautiful. But yes, whenever I wear a red lipstick, I feel gorgeous, confident and in control.

So I am a woman who loves her red lipsticks and the power that they give her. I will be unapologetic in saying that I will continue to sport red lipstick till the day that I die!

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I am a voracious reader and am always in the middle of a book. I am also obsessed with coffee, makeup, skincare and fitness, though not necessarily in that order!

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