Hotels are out and boutique homestays are in!

In today’s competitive times, tourists are always looking for different travelling options and homestays have created their own niche market in the hospitality industry.

Located in the centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, lies Utelia House No. 9, a unique homestay!

This homestay operates with the bywords: luxury and elegance along with comfort.

Utelia House No. 9 is very conveniently situated in the heart of the city of Ahmedabad. Just outside the homestay, lie the city’s best restaurants and eating joints. Moreover, a bustling shopping area is within walking distance.

But as soon as you enter the lane where this homestay is located, silence reigns! Located at the very end of a lane, as soon as you enter the premises, it appears that you have been transported to an entirely different place!

As soon as you step into Utelia House No. 9, you get the impression of being in the middle of a garden. The hustle and bustle of the outside world disappears and you start to experience tranquillity and peace. It will actually take you a while to recollect that you are not on a spiritual retreat in the wilderness but in a homestay that is only minutes away from eateries and shopping places in the city!

There are four rooms available for occupancy in this boutique homestay, all of which have been designed with functional elegance in mind. Instead of the monotony of hotel rooms, here, the décor of each room has a distinct character.

All four rooms are better off being described as suites. Each room has its private sitting area and ensuite bathroom. The sitting areas are supplied with tea and coffee making facilities and a mini-bar containing water and aerated drinks. The bathrooms are equipped with state of the art fittings and fixtures.  Moreover, all the rooms which are on the ground level, have French windows that open out to a little patch of greenery outside, giving the impression of a private garden with its own water body! Hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at an extremely high standard.

Breakfast is provided as part of the homestay experience. Other meals like dinner, high tea and snacks are available on prior request. The homestay also provides facilities like Wifi and free parking on the premises.

But the question arises, one who is the heart and soul of this unique homestay? The proprietor of this homestay is an extremely gracious and well-groomed lady, Vidhatri Vaghela.

Vidhatri is truly the driving force behind Utelia House No. 9. Though she is supported by her family, she strives on a daily basis to maintain the high standards, set by herself, of her jewel of a place. She has personally selected every piece of furniture and décor with respect to the entire premises, and has tried her best to ensure that every item in the house is distinct.

Vidhatri happens to be a wonderful chef who specialises in re-creating the old, traditional recipes of her ancestors. Her non-vegetarian dishes are succulent and have a mouth-watering flavour and aroma!

Vidhatri has also tried to veer away from the path of conventional desserts and specialises in the preparation of desserts like that are not usually found in bakeries in India. She tries to bring back the royal recipes by preparing bread puddings, caramel custards and a dish called “dil jani”. Vidhatri has recently branched into catering and fine dining and prepares meals on requests. The courtyard of the homestay makes a lovely ambience for one of Vidhatri’s divine meals.

Vidhatri has put her heart and soul in the homestay and is personally involved in ensuring that every guest has a pleasant stay. Truly, Utelia House No. 9 is a jewel of a place that is worth visiting, whether to stay or for a fine dining experience.

Utelia House No. 9 is listed on the Air Bnb official website. It can be reached via email on uteliareservations@hotmail.com and is on Facebook as The Boutique Homestay-Utelia House No. 9 and on Instagram as boutiquehomestay_uteliahouse.

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  1. The experience is magical!! It’s like a dream .Felt truly like a dream. The house is very stylish and incredibly beautiful . Ideal for peace loving people. Vidhatri is an very loving host and great to talk to. Had a fantastic time.

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  2. I have reviewed more than 100 Homestays in 15 countries.

    But Bhagirath and Vidhatri have one of the greenest luxury Homestay in India.

    It’s a value for money proposition for foreign tourists and Indian corporations

    Liked by 2 people

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