Ashraf Haggag

Book: Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment

Author: Ashraf Haggag

Genre: Non-Fiction

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Number of pages: 158 pages

My Rating: 4/5


BOOK SUMMARY: This new guide to international business culture can help you avoid misunderstandings during negotiations and other important tasks. The author discusses a number of important issues including the definition of culture as a driving force in business, the unique cultures of a variety of countries and global regions, the influence of culture on business strategy, the effect of culture on business communications, and the role culture plays in consumer buying behaviour.

MY REVIEW: I have received a review copy of Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment by Ashraf Haggag from Vinfluencers in exchange for an honest review.

The book begins with an introduction giving the definition and characteristics of culture. The author beautifully explains the terms related to culture.

The book has been divided into explaining the cultural identities of Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East respectively. Therein, there are numerous sub-divisions explaining the working culture in depth. For example, in the case of Europe, the cultural identity of Italy, Germany, France and Russia have been differentiated and explained.

This book is vital not only to students of international business and finance, but also to students of sociology. It definitely makes the reader think about and marvel at the differences in the culture and work ethics of the people of each country. To give an example of the detailing provided in the book, the author has discussed the views of every nationality on punctuality in the corporate world.

After narrating the traits of the culture of various countries, the author holds forth on the influence of culture on business negotiations, strategy, communication, creativity, innovation, on employees and on consumer buying behaviour.

The author concludes by summing up that our values are the key building blocks of our cultural orientation.

I must say that I found Echos of Culture in the Corporate Environment to be an interesting read!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ashraf Haggag is a senior executive with nearly three decades of experience in close proximity to the corporate market. He is eager to bring enhanced    cross-cultural awareness to today’s business leaders.

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