On occasion of this Women’s Day, I thought that we should celebrate strong and fit women everywhere. Accordingly I decided to meet up with an old friend of mine, one of the most vibrant and energetic women that I know, who happens to be one of the top fitness trainers of Ahmedabad, Ruju Desai.

Since we hadn’t met in a long time, we caught up over coffee. One of the first things that strike you about Ruju is how vivacious and dynamic she is. As a person who has attended her workout sessions for a number of years, I can personally attest to the fact that there is never a dull moment in her class. Her workout sessions are always happening and lively due to the sheer force of her personality!

Ruju shared her personal fitness mantra with me: namely that fitness is psychological, i.e. fitness is a state of mind. According to Ruju, physical fitness is of no use if you are unfit mentally! It is equally important to be in a positive state of mind at all times.

She also shared her views on obesity and the incidence of conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol prevailing today: that fitness should start from the home kitchen. Ruju endorses eating at home and that too, simple home-cooked food. Following a clean eating routine goes a long way towards maintaining one’s fitness.

Ruju is currently running 3 classes a day at Sports Club and 2 classes a day at Rajpath Club, where she focuses on cardio, strength training and bodyweight exercises. She uses equipment like dumbbells, balls and bands in her fitness routines. Her cardio routines are extremely rocking as she incorporates a lot of dance steps in them, being a trained dancer herself. She also uses steps for her cardio workouts.  Ruju also tries to take a lot of yoga movements for her fitness sessions. Really, I would say that attending her workout session is getting a complete workout!

Ruju is also doing personal training but on a limited basis because of time constraints. She has been a judge for several competitions taking place all over Ahmedabad and regularly performs a warm up fitness routine with her team, on stage at the venue of various marathons taking place all over Ahmedabad.

Attending Ruju’s workouts is definitely value for money, not to mention a lot of fun! For any queries, contact Ruju Desai on 9824548060. She can also be followed on Facebook as Ruju’s Fitness and on Instagram as Ruju_Fitness.

A very happy and fit Women’s Day to all the lovely women out there!

















































































































































A very happy and fit Women’s Day to all the lovely women out there!

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I am a voracious reader and am always in the middle of a book. I am also obsessed with coffee, makeup, skincare and fitness, though not necessarily in that order!

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