Planking is a fitness exercise that can feel like torture! I have always disliked planking and usually try to avoid it. But it was my trainer Mr. Praful Raval who incorporated planks as part of my workout regime and who ensured that I plank on a regular basis.

Plank exercises are deceptive as in they appear to be very simple but are actually not. The maximum benefit of a plank is when it is performed correctly. The numerous variations in the plank are the reverse and the side planks.

My trainer has explained to me that planking is essential for the core and the back muscles. As we all know, it is a strong core that contributes to our overall fitness.

But that led me to ask about why I had to do the side plank as well? I found it as strenuous as the regular plank, if not more!

I came to know that the side plank tones the sides of the abdominal muscles giving a good shape to the belly. Moreover, when we raise our body in the side plank position, our arms and shoulders take a lot of our body weight, which helps in strengthening our arms and shoulders.

Performing plank exercises help in improving our concentration as we need to maintain a perfect balance between our arms, legs and the rest of our body. Our technique of performing the plank is as important as the plank itself.

Plank exercises of any variation are the most effective when done after any exercise that help in reducing body fat.

The health benefits of the plank and side plank are many. I would urge everyone to incorporate plank exercises as part of their workout regimes. Go ahead and plank, you will surely appreciate the benefits of planking in a few months once you start seeing the results in your arms and your core!

I will endeavour to keep providing everyone with fitness tools and tips that are not complex gadgets and can be used on a regular basis.

So that everyone can avail of my trainer’s expertise, I am providing everyone with his contact information as under:

Mr. Praful Raval: 9998999577

He can be contacted via e-mail on meet.praful@gmail.com and followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@PrafulRaval38)

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I am a voracious reader and am always in the middle of a book. I am also obsessed with coffee, makeup, skincare and fitness, though not necessarily in that order!

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