I recently came across and read a novel- “A Life to Die For”. I was impressed with the complexity of the book and even more so when I came to know that the book was translated from Gujarati to English and that the young author was a resident of Ahmedabad itself!

Accordingly, I got in touch with Nilay as I was very curious to know how such a young man had written such a compelling narration.

I will briefly narrate the plot of “A Life to Die For” without giving away too many details: the story is set in the fictional state of Jambola & Kushwarg as well as in Siran and Zayakistan. The story begins when a young girl is rescued from her solitary confinement. The girl herself cannot identify her captor and has clearly been abused. From there, the story branches into a number of plots and sub-plots as various characters are introduced.

“What does it take for someone to be someone?” is the question in the book that the characters in the novel strive to find answers to.

The first startling fact about Nilay is that he is only 23 years old and a Chartered Accountant to boot! However, he has always been inclined toward the arts and wrote his first short story at the tender age of 6 years old! What is even more noteworthy is that A Life to Die For was originally written in Gujarati as “Asammat” (published in July 2016) and was then translated into English by Nilay himself.

I was also surprised to learn from Nilay that he wrote the entire book in just 4 months. However he told me that he had the various plots in the book ready in his mind before he started writing his story. He went through 4 drafts of his book before the final outcome was ready.

Nilay decided to avoid the traditional publishing route and chose to get his book self-published. He confessed to me that he is extremely poor at marketing and publicising his work.

Nilay is currently working on his next story, to quote him, “a psychological thriller with an unusual narrative”. Nilay wants to be known for novels that stand out and does not even rule out film direction in the future. Though he loves writing in Gujarati, he admits that he has now started writing more in English.

“A Life to Die” For is not available in bookstores but a copy of the book can be ordered from ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Infibeam.

Nilay can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as AuthorNilay. I would urge everyone to follow this budding talent and encourage him by reading his book. I am personally looking forward to reading his next work!

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