Last week my family and I decided to go on a long drive and check out a new place that we had been hearing a lot about: the quaintly named Jugmug Thela. We were under the impression that it was merely a stall to have tea and coffee. But upon reaching there we were pleasantly surprised to find that though it was indeed a stall, there was a spacious seating area and a fairly detailed and lengthy menu.

We had to deliberate amongst ourselves considerably as there were a lot of items that seemed appetising to us. There were several flavours of cookies and ice pops on display. Along with the varieties of teas and coffees, there were also milkshakes and soda pops available.

On the food menu, there were several items like wraps, sandwiches, hot dogs and pizzas on display. The owner Mrs. Sonu Gupta informed me that the place was operating since January 2018 and that all their food and beverages were natural and organic.

Upon seating ourselves, we saw that there was also an area resembling an amphitheatre. I inquired about the same with the manager Mr. Pranav Gupta and he told me that Jugmug Thela provided entertainment from Monday to Thursday.

On Thursday they have poetry recitations, on Friday documentary movie screenings, on Saturday live music with bands performing from all over India and on Sunday stand-up comedy. Moreover, they are planning to have some sort of entertainment from Monday to Wednesday also.

We came away from Jugmug Thela with the feeling of wanting to visit the place again. So now the next time we feel that Ahmedabad lacks daily entertainment, we should definitely think of and head to Jugmug Thela!

Jugmug Thela can be followed on Facebook as jugmugahmedabad and on Instagram as jugmug_ahmedabad. For inquiries you can contact them on: 9099012160 and 9727988901.

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