Book: The Resurrection of Evil                                 tempImageForSave

Author: Neelabh Pratap Singh

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Published by: StoryMirror

Number of pages: 209 pages

My Rating: 4/5


MY REVIEW: I was graciously provided with a copy of this book by the author Neelabh Pratap Singh.

The story starts with a mysterious figure in a hooded leather jacket with luminous metallic bands around his wrists, who witnesses an angry husband killing his wife by mistake.

We are then introduced to the main character of the story, ACP Aryan. He is assigned to the Delhi Police on a case involving the robbery of an ancient pot that was excavated on an archaeological expedition.

It turns out that the ancient pot is no ordinary pot but rather it is an object that is much in demand and having ancient origins. The pot or cauldron is connected to an ancient Irish legend called Cath Maige Tuireadh as well as to a Mayan script and codex found along with four metallic rings in a Central American expedition.

The story races from Delhi and Dehradun to Haridwar and Thiruvananthapuram. There are a number of parties after the cauldron, all of whom have their own agenda.

This book stands out as it brings back ancient Indian mythology and connects it to modern theories. I was able to recollect tales that I read in childhood, about the Samudra Manthan-The Churning of the Ocean and about the Asuras, Devas and the Daanavas.

The climax of the story is brought about in a thrilling way with wormholes and black holes and the identity of the mysterious hooded figure being revealed.

The Resurrection of Evil is a lively, fun and fast paced read. It can be ordered on Amazon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Neelabh Pratap Singh is a mechanical engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He can be followed on Instagram on his handle @authorneelabh.

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