Product: Night Repair Gel (Saffron & Aloe Vera)

Manufacturer: Mystic Kaori

Quantity: Available in 50 grams and 100 grams

Price: Rs. 225 for 50 grams and Rs. 410 for 100 grams

My Rating: Pending

I have recently started using a new product, a night repair gel made by Mystic Kaori. I was curious about what this night repair gel was made of and I checked out the ingredients which are as under:

INGREDIENTS: Farm fresh aloe vera, sandalwood powder, raktachandan, saffron, vitamin E oil, geranium essential oils, Frankenstein oil rose water and vegetable glycerine.

A night repair gel needs to be applied on a cleansed face every night before going to sleep. The night repair gel by Mystic Kaori needs to be refrigerated. It spreads evenly all over the face. The skin is not oily or sticky in the morning, after the application of the night repair gel.

Every woman needs to use a night repair gel or cream after a certain age. It helps to keep your skin hydrated at night, helps in better blood circulation, helps in your skin having an even skin tone and prevents your skin from sagging.

I have started applying this night repair gel every night before I go to bed. I will be posting about the benefits observed to my skin after using this product for a few weeks.

Mystic Kaori has a wide range of personal care and beauty regime products. They try their best to use minimal preservatives in their products.

Mystic Kaori products are available in Ahmedabad in the shop “Gujjju” located at Sarjan-1, Ground floor, Shop No. 3 & 4, Opposite Vishal Tower, B/h Saavi Women’s Hospital, Satellite.

Orders can also be placed over their Facebook page: Mystic KAORI soaps & more.

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