Product: Hair nutrient with egg oil   tempImageForSave

Manufacturer: Eyova

Quantity: Available in 50 ml

Price: Rs. 590 for 50 ml

My Rating: 4/5

Today I will be posting about an interesting product that I have started using: a hair nutrient with egg oil manufactured by Eyova.

I examined the ingredients of the product and was impressed to learn that each bottle of Eyova contains egg oil that has been extracted from more than 20 eggs using cold press technology.

I have been using this product since a couple of week in accordance with the instructions given, i.e. I massage Eyova hair nutrient on the scalp and leave it on for a minimum of 3 hours and then shampoo my hair.

What are the benefits that I have observed from using this hair nutrient? There has definitely been an improvement in the quality of my hair. The product is also said to prevent hair loss, dandruff and greying and help in hair growth.

Of course I will be able to ascertain that only after I have used this hair nutrient for some months.

I did find this product to be useful. For those people, who do not like the smell of eggs, I will reassure you that the product has a pleasing fragrance and definitely does not smell of egg! I do think that price-wise it is on the higher side but as far as quality is concerned, I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil is available on both Amazon and Flipkart.

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