I came across the charming Xafira Mendonsa’s amazing hand crafted soaps and she was kind enough to provide me with some samples. Today I am going to review two of her soaps.

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The first soap that I have tried is called Lemon & Honey. Xafira calls it a “happy soap” and I must admit that using it and inhaling its fragrance made me feel really happy! I checked out its ingredients and learned that it is made out of lemon essential oils, honey and lemon peels. I felt that this soap particularly suited me as I have an oily skin.

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The second soap that I tried was very interesting in appearance and is called Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in Aloe Vera. This soap is for all skin types and is said to draw out toxins from the body. The Himalayan rock salt is said to contain minerals like chromium, zinc and sulphur. This soap is also said to help to prevent acne and keep the skin smooth.

The best part about these soaps is that they are free of artificial foaming agents (detergents), parabens, alcohol, petroleum and artificial preservatives.

I would definitely recommend these soaps to everyone. Though they are pricy, (each soap costs Rs. 250/), they are definitely long lasting and of excellent quality. Xafira lives in Mumbai and can be contacted on 9821735666 or on 9967586929. She can be followed on her Instagram account Creativity with Taste. She is also available on Facebook as Xaf’s Bath and Body.

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