Book: Trickster    tempImageForSave

Author: Vinaya Bhagat

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Published by: Harper Black

Number of pages: 335 pages

My Rating: 4/5

MY REVIEW: The author Vinaya Bhagat graciously provided me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins when Diya’s parents are killed by the “Chakwa” in what appears to be a car crash. Diya continues to live in her parents’ house but it appears that a mysterious entity is out to get Diya as well. Diya remembers her father telling her a story in childhood about the “Chakwa”, i.e. a trickster who can take any form he desires, animal or human.

Though Diya was told that her parents had no family, she receives a letter from India from her father’s relatives inviting her to visit them. Diya flies to India in order to find out more about her family.

She is warmly welcomed by Sunny Varghese and his family and learns that they were her father’s adoptive family. Sunny’s son Ronnie becomes a special friend to her specially when mysterious events continue to take place and deaths keep happening.

Diya meets her grandfather and much of her father’s family history becomes known to her. She then tries to find her mother’s family.

It is apparent to Diya that someone is trying to kill her, but is it the “Chakwa” or is it a human killer?

Diya manages to find her mother’s relatives and spends some days with them. It is when she is staying there that more supernatural events take place.

The story is definitely very interesting. The author has skilfully built up the climax in a way that the reader is wondering who the real “Chakwa” is. It is only at the very end that the identity of the “Chakwa” is revealed. I recommend “Trickster” as an extremely gripping suspense thriller.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vinaya Bhagat is an IT professional and author. She can be followed on Facebook and on Instagram as Vinaya Bhagat.

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