Lunges are one of the most effective lower-body exercises that can be done! Lunges shape your lower body, develop core strength and make your hips more flexible.

In the video, I have tried to give viewers a sample of just some of the different types of lunges.

Lunges work on our glutes and quadriceps and also on our hamstrings. Once excess fat is reduced from our body, lunges help to shape up, tone and firm up our legs. When doing lunges, we also engage our core muscles, thereby increasing our core strength. Lunges can also improve the flexibility of our hip flexors.

Lunges can be done by beginners or people who are advanced in their workouts.

For those who did not comprehend the exercises shown in the video, I have photos of some of the exercises shown in it.

I will endeavour to keep providing everyone with fitness tools and tips that do not involve complex gadgets and can be used on a regular basis.

So that everyone can avail of my trainer’s expertise, I am providing everyone with his contact information as under:

Mr. Praful Raval: 9998999577

He can be contacted via e-mail on and followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@PrafulRaval38)

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