Marvellous! Amazing! Scrumptious! These are just a few of the adjectives that I have heard and I have myself used to describe Choco’dale’s creations.

One of Ahmedabad’s leading home baking brands, Choco’dale was started in February 2014 and has grown with leaps and strides since then. Every product of Choco’dale be it a cake, muffin, brownie, cakepop, theme based cookie or cupcake, bears Choco’dale’s stamp of individuality and creativity not to mention its impeccable taste! Today it’s time to meet the creative genius behind Choco’dale, Shruti Bhagat.

This soft-spoken and modest lady was a Fine Arts student who enjoyed sculpting. She has worked not only as a dress designer but as a web designer and a web developer, adapting her profession to meet the needs of her daughter.

Shruti, however, always enjoyed baking for her family and friends. Though she attended workshops to give her desserts a finished look, she never dreamed of taking it up as a profession!

But dissatisfaction with the products available in bakeries and encouragement from friends and family members led to Shruti starting with Choco’dale.

Shruti was very clear behind what motivated her to start her brand. She wanted to use the best and the most fresh ingredients for her products, the same ones she used for baking for her family and friends. She was determined to avoid using any extra preservatives and any premixes.

As a long standing customer of Choco’dale, I can also attest to the amazing variety of Choco’dale creations. I am continually amazed at Shruti’s imagination and her detailing in her desserts. In fact, I frequently joke to my husband that Choco’dale’s products are too good to eat! But at the same time, it is very difficult to control oneself from gorging on Choco’dale’s divine creations.

Choco’dale definitely specializes in theme-based cakes and desserts as Shruti is very conscious of aesthetic presentation. She also presents structural marvels like hanging, antigravity and rotating cakes.

Shruti gives credit to her family and friends for marketing her work and of course thanks her clients for their goodwill and the word of mouth publicity and praise that they have given her.

She has one request to all her clients past, present and future: that they should appreciate the time and effort put in by a home baker.

Shruti constantly tries to improve herself and keep herself updated. She attends workshops and even today spends considerable time online watching tutorials and doing R & D.

With this firm commitment to creativity, quality and taste one can be assured that Choco’dale is growing as a brand every day. I urge everyone who is reading this to not merely take my word for it but to sample a Choco’dale product right away.

For orders and inquiries Shruti Bhagat can be contacted on: 8128024448. Her varied and wonderful creations can be followed as Choco’dale on Facebook and as Chocodale_ on Instagram.


Product: Organic SpirulinatempImageForSave

Manufacturer: E.I.D. Parry

Quantity: Available in 200 grams

Price: Rs. 475 for 120 tablets of 500 mg each

My Rating: 5/5

I have been using Organic Spirulina Tablets manufactured by Parry since the last month now and I would like to post about the advantages of the product.

The recommended dose for the tablets is 4 tablets a day, after meals. I have been taking two tablets after lunch and two tablets after dinner.

These tablets contain Spirulina and help in improving our metabolism and bone density. They also improve our stamina and help in reducing fatigue.

I do happen to have an activity filled routine and I have observed that my overall energy levels have been boosted after I started taking these tablets along with the protein powder after my workouts.

What is the best thing about the tablets according to me, is that they are completely organic and vegetarian as well as vegan. The product is available on Amazon and is certainly good value for money.

I highly recommend this product to one and all as a healthy, organic, natural and safe supplement!



What are you doing for lunch next Sunday? Today’s post is about a unique dining experience that is scheduled to take place next Sunday, i.e. 25th March.

What is so special about this lunch? Well, first of all, it’s a pop-up lunch, a one-time dining experience. Secondly, it is hosted and curated by two very talented and lovely ladies, Purvi Vyas and Sheetal Bhatt. Both these ladies are very passionate about their food and the experience of dining as a whole.

Thirdly, the lunch will be hosted in a natural and unspoiled environment, a farm.

All the food that is going to be served this Sunday, is organic, i.e. it is going to be prepared from raw materials locally grown and sourced.

I’m sure that we are all aware that food prepared in this aesthetic fashion has a distinct taste, flavour and fragrance and is guaranteed to be a treat to the taste buds!

Summer has still not set in. Sunday morning is a good time to drive down from Ahmedabad to Kheda with family and friends. One can spend time on the farm before lunch and then partake of the delicious food prepared by Sheetal. Drive back home to Ahmedabad post lunch in time for your afternoon siesta!

In order to maintain the sanctity of the dining experience, there are limited seats available for this Sunday’s lunch. Don’t let the opportunity go by, do book your seat and avail of this wonderful dining experience!


I recently had reason to order a cake, the occasion being my husband’s birthday. Being a cake-lover, I am always looking for an excuse to eat cake! I decided to order my cake from The Good Wives, an account that I had been following on Instagram since a while.

I have been enjoying the pictures posted by The Good Wives as the goodies posted always seemed to be tasty and appealing. I got in touch with the lady behind the brand: Ashini Patel. Mutually, we decided to go for a lemon bundt cake. Ashini suggested this flavour to me as many of her clients had enjoyed it. I decided to opt for this flavour as my spouse enjoys trying different varieties in cuisine.

I met up with Ashini when I went to collect the cake. I sat down to have a chat with her as I was curious to know more about her brand and her products.

Ashini revealed to me that she chose the name “The Good Wives” for her brand as she wanted to convey the image of good quality, homemade food. As she was always interested in cooking and trying out new recipes, she started her venture as recently as June 2017.

At present The Good Wives caters to Bundt cakes, frosted cakes, cupcakes, muffins and crackers. The Good Wives also caters to preparing various types of starters and appetisers for dinners and parties.

Ashini revealed to me that presently she is focused on working from home so that she can work around her children’s schedules. But she is intending on expanding her repertoire on gourmet items and baked goods that she can cater to. She would also love to have her own patisserie in future.

I took the cake back with me and to the restaurant where we had invited the family for dinner. We saved the cake for the end of our meal, i.e. we saved the best for the last!

The lemon bundt cake was indeed extremely delicious with a chocolate chip taste in it as well. The entire family along with the children enjoyed the cake thoroughly.

I would certainly recommend trying out The Good Wives’ products as they are extremely well-made, visually appealing and reasonably priced.

Ashini Patel can be contacted on 98240 03500 and can be followed on Instagram under the name of The Good Wives. You will certainly not be disappointed if you go to her!