Author: Vrinda Singh

Genre: Thriller, Fiction, Supernatural

Published by: Paperwiff Publications

Number of pages: 163 pages

My Rating: 3/5

MY REVIEW: The author Vrinda Singh graciously provided me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

The story is about a female who is abandoned as a baby by her parents because of her gender. By a series of fortunate incidents, she survives and ends up in a brothel where she is raised like a daughter by one of the women living and working there. She is named Avant by the women of the brothel.

When Avant is five, misfortune strikes again when Deepali, the woman who has taken care of her like her mother, dies in an accident. This results in Avant discovering her own supernatural powers. Strangely, this incident causes Avant to grow up overnight from the age of five to the age of twenty!

Avant’s misfortune continues when the entire brothel is destroyed and Avant is forced to go out in the world. She continues to embark on strange adventures and comes to know more about her birth mother and her powers.

Fans of the supernatural will probably be interested in this book.


Book: I Shall Always Love You


Author: Shilpa JaintempImageForSave

Genre: Romance Fiction

Published by: Srishti Publishers

Number of pages: 214 pages

My Rating: 4.5/5

MY REVIEW: The author Shilpa Jain provided me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

The story is not a run of the mill romance, instead it has a great many intriguing elements: kidnapping, reincarnation, a lost treasure and a hunt for that treasure.

Shiv Sanyal is a talented sculptor and the son of a business tycoon Saurabh Sanyal. Shiv has a loyal friend in Arjun and another in Saloni. Unfortunately, Arjun is in love with Saloni while Saloni harbours feelings for Shiv. However, Shiv only sees a friend in Saloni.

In the middle of this love triangle, Shiv sees a mysterious masked woman at his birthday bash. He feels immediately drawn to her and it inspires him to create a magnificent sculpture.

At Shiv’s exhibition, it is pointed out to him by an art critic that his sculpture is a remake of a sculpture of Khajuraho. Shiv, who has never visited that place, decides to go to Khajuraho to see the sculptures for himself.

In Khajuraho, while sleeping, Shiv is taken back in time to the 11th century, and the story of his past life is revealed. Rudra and Mohini’s love story ends tragically resulting in their deaths. Coming back to the present day, Shiv meets his reincarnated love Nysa but immediately they are all put in danger.

I cannot reveal too much about the book without giving away the plot but Shiv, Nysa, Arjun and Saloni embark on a hunt for lost treasure. Will they be able to outwit the villain or will their present lives have the same sad end as their past lives? The reader needs to read the book to find out.

I recommend this book to readers as a thrilling action packed love story.


Book: Kaikeyi-The Mother of a God


Author: Suresh Kala

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Published by: Inven Tech

Number of pages: 353 pages

My Rating: 4/5

MY REVIEW: The author Mr. Suresh Kala provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

I was happy to read and review this book as I enjoy reading mythology, especially Hindu mythology. Also, it made a refreshing change from the recent novels that I have read.

The story is about Kaikeyi, the queen of King Dashrath and the stepmother of Lord Rama. Kaikeyi has always been depicted as an evil figure in Hindu mythology as it was at her behest that Lord Rama was sent into exile for fourteen years.

The story is told from Kaikeyi’s perspective and brings a whole new twist to the story of Lord Rama. We read about Kaikeyi’s childhood and upbringing, the circumstances that led to her marriage to King Dashrath and the thought process and reasoning that led Kaikeyi to ask her husband to send Lord Rama into exile.

Kaikeyi has been portrayed as a warrior princess and then a queen who was an extremely clever war strategist. Though she was not Lord Rama’s birth mother, she played an active role in his upbringing and grooming to be the future king of Ayodhya.

I loved the author’s portrayal of Kaikeyi as a feminist and a strong, independent woman. The story skilfully builds up the suspense and leads to Kaikeyi’s revelation of her motives behind her actions.

Do read the book if you enjoy reading mythology. I recommend it to readers as enjoyable, interesting and informative.


Book: Tarikshir


Author: Khayaal Patel

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Published by: Westland Books

Number of pages: 332 pages

My Rating: 4/5

MY REVIEW: I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins on an interesting note describing the chamber of Ravan, after he was killed by Lord Rama. A greedy gibbon, Valikesh, is in the search of spoils from Ravan’s chamber and finds a gem with mysterious powers that sends Valikesh to his doom.

The story moves forward in time to the year 1826 to British ruled India and the kingdom of Devangarh that is stubbornly holding out against the British. The kingdom is ruled by Raja Ravindra who is determined not to surrender to the British.

Rudra, the crown prince, is just sixteen years old and suddenly finds himself the king of Devangarh when his father is killed in a skirmish against the British. Strange deaths and even stranger characters keep popping up in the story as Rudra struggles to come to terms with his new position and his father’s death.

Are the Red Tigers on the side of the Rajputs or not? Who is the strange hooded figure that Rudra keeps seeing? Can Rudra trust Shen-Zou and Duryadutta? Who are the Sons of Hanuman? What powers does his father’s gem have?

These are just some of the questions that Rudra grapples with as events speed up and flesh eating zombies become a great danger. Can Rudra stop the zombies as well as the Tarikshir from being unleashed? Does the answer lie in his grandfather’s diary or elsewhere?

‘Tarikshir’ is a fast-paced thriller filled with constant action. The ending is a real bolt from the blue and leaves behind the probability of a sequel. I recommend ‘Tarikshir’ to readers as a real page-turner of a novel!


Book: The Daughter tempImageForSave

Author: Sara Onnebo

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Published by: Brown Dog Books

Number of pages: 296 pages

My Rating: 5/5

MY REVIEW: The author Sara Onnebo kindly provided me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. I was especially touched to see the author’s handwritten note in the book, hoping that I would enjoy my vist to Tulisaari.

The story begins with the death of Emilia Bjorklund’s mother. Emilia’s mother had raised her as a single parent and Emilia has never known her father’s identity.

Emilia sinks into a deep depression after her mother’s accidental death. She attempts to overcome this by looking into her mother’s mysterious past. While doing so, she learns that she has inherited a house in Finland and that her uncle is probably still living there.

Emilia decides to go to Tulisaari in Finland to find out more about her mother. She starts living in the house that belonged to her maternal grandmother and now belongs to her. She makes the acquaintance of her maternal uncle Jussi. She also strikes up a growing friendship with Hampus, a young man who also lives in Tulisaari.

It appears that Emilia’s mother was connected to the murder of a woman that took place many years ago. The suspense keeps building as Emilia tries to find clues about her mother’s past and the identity of her father.

Strange events keep happening to Emilia which lead her to think that someone intends her harm. It also appears that there is someone who visits her grandmother’s house secretly but does not reveal himself to Emilia.

The story is told in an extremely interesting manner in the form of a diary that Emilia is writing to her dead mother. The story is also partly told in flashbacks from her mother Annika’s point of view. The author has brought the story to an end in an extremely nail-biting finish!

I highly recommend “The Daughter”, as a highly enthralling and intriguing suspense thriller that will keep the reader guessing till the very end!


Book: Sniper’s Eye


Author: Mainak Dhar

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Published by: 4 Hour Books

Number of pages: 224 pages

My Rating: 5/5

MY REVIEW: I have received a review copy of “Sniper’s Eye” by Mainak Dhar from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins with the shooting of a man in a Mumbai mall on a Sunday. Aaditya Ghosh, the central character of the story, who is actually in the mall to enjoy a movie with his girlfriend Zoya, gets involved in trying to catch the shooter and discovers that the shooting is part of an elaborate plot.

Aaditya, though currently employed in a corporate office, is actually an armed forces veteran who had to resign under dubious circumstances. Unfortunately, his role in trying to catch the sniper brings him into the limelight and his past is exposed by the media.

The tension builds up as senior police and army officers are being targeted by what appears to be a team of terrorists, headed by an expert sniper Aman Karzai.

In order to protect Zoya and clear his Army record, Aaditya agrees to collaborate with the Intelligence Bureau and the police. He lets himself be used as “bait” in order to draw out the sniper.

But the plan goes haywire and Aaditya is taken by the terrorists. When taken captive, he discovers that nothing is as it appears and that both he and the sniper Aman Karzai are both being manipulated by an evil mastermind.

The tension in the story is built up wonderfully. The action scenes are extremely well depicted and keep the reader turning the pages for more. I recommend this book to readers as it is an engrossing, interesting and taut thriller that will keep you guessing till the end.


Book: Avatar of Protector and the Secret of Sudarshana


Author: Chetan B. Thakkar

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction

Published by: Notion Press

Number of pages: 154 pages

My Rating: 3.5/5

MY REVIEW: I was provided with a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins with Kalki, a college student, celebrating his 18th birthday. Several mysterious events take place on that day and Kalki learns from his parents, the next day that he is not really their child. He is also told of a pouch containing a secret that has been placed in his bank locker.

Kalki’s parents are killed in a fire and there are some monsters after him as well. Kalki is aided by the beautiful Indrayani, Indra’s daughter and is taken away by her to Planet Paradise. Planet Paradise has been very well depicted by the author.

There Kalki learns more about his responsibilities and powers as an avatar. He learns that his parents are still alive and embarks on a mission to save them accompanied by Indrayani, his friend and a couple of others.

Of course the question remains as to whether they are able to save his parents. The reader needs to read the book to find out. The author has ended the story on such a note, that it appears that he has already planned a sequel!

I recommend this book to readers as fairly engaging and interesting.