“Chic” is a French word that means elegance and class.

Beauty, style, grace, elegance and class are just a few of the attributes that come to mind when one is viewing the creations of Chique Jewels.

Who is the creative genius behind this trendy and upcoming brand of jewellery?  It is none other than the gorgeous Rina Punater!

This lovely lady grew up in Mumbai and moved to Antwerp post marriage. Rina was always interested in jewellery and in fact dabbled in selling gold and diamond jewellery for a while. But the arrival of her daughters, and the joys and duties of motherhood prevented her from pursuing her passion temporarily.

However, once her daughters had passed the stage of being toddlers and no longer needed her fulltime care and attention, Rina once again found herself turning to one of her early loves, i.e. jewellery!

Interestingly, it was Rina’s brother who urged her to turn her dream into reality. This led to the birth of her brand Chique Jewels. Since its inception in May 2017, Chique Jewels, as a brand, has grown in leaps and strides.

What was Rina’s goal behind starting her own line of jewellery? In her own words, “I wanted to create classy, chic, elegant, affordable fashion jewellery that is at the same time easy to wear.”

Since Rina was so clear and focused on her goals, she never had a reason to look back. She is focused on making every product of Chique Jewels, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets or broches, unique and stamped with her distinctive brand of elegance.

Rina beautifully balances her home and work responsibilities by working from home! This hardworking lady puts in several hours a day into her designs and the creation of her products. She also tries to put in some work over the weekend.

We all know that “charity begins from home,” but in Rina’s case, “help begins from home”. She gets her greatest support from her family. Her husband Romil Kothari, not only extends his full support but also gives his input on all of Rina’s designs. His guidance is extremely valuable to Rina as he himself is in the diamond business.

Rina’s daughters Ayesha and Tanisha are her biggest fans and motivators. While both of them help her with the packaging, sorting and inventory of her products, Ayesha assists Rina a lot by taking pictures of her various creations. In fact, Ayesha frequently reminds her mother to take the “pic of the day!” i.e. to post a picture of a Chique Jewels design on Instagram and Facebook. Ayesha also gives her approval and input on Rina’s jewellery designs.

Rina manages to skilfully use social media tools like Facebook and Instagram to market and sell her creations. She also sells her designs at private exhibitions. She had an exhibition in Mumbai in January that was extremely successful. She is planning another exhibition in Mumbai this April and is mulling over exhibiting her designs in Ahmedabad and in other Indian cities as well.

Though at the moment, Rina is content working from home, she envisions herself expanding her brand in the future. She has set herself some goals for the coming years, which include opening her own store.

Rina is extremely anxious that every product of hers be associated with class and style and she strives hard to ensure the same. She diligently maintains the quality of her brand, from the design to the finished product. At the same time, she tries her best to ensure that her pieces remain affordable. Rina feels that she has learned a lot from her own experiences. However, she genuinely welcomes the feedback given by her clients.

Who can be seen sporting a Chique Jewels design? Rina says that she does not envision any age group when she is visualising a design. Her jewellery is aimed at any woman who is modern, classy and trendy, whether she is 7 years young or 70 years old!

So for all you wonderful women out there, do treat yourself to a Chique Jewels product. Trust me, you are worth it!

Rina Punater can be reached via email on She is on Facebook and Instagram as rina_punater.


mac-lipstick-ruby-woo-russian-red-lady-dangerTHE POWER OF RED!

I now officially dare to say: I love red lipsticks!

For so long, women of my generation were afraid to wear red lipsticks as they were afraid of being thought “bold”! In my formative years, I too prescribed to this belief and chose only neutral and light shades to adorn my lips.

However, I was always a fan of the colour red and secretly admired it from afar. I always sighed over pictures of red lipsticks in magazines and longingly gazed at red lipstick samples whenever I was buying makeup in shops.

Red lipsticks seemed impossibly glamorous to me, something worn by models, celebrities and movie stars.

Another common belief circulating in our society is that red lipsticks do not “suit” Indian skin. I heard this belief so many times that I never ventured into the arena of red lipsticks.

In my previous workplace, I encountered a female colleague who always sported red lipstick. No matter what the situation or occasion, she was never seen without her bright shade of red! She, being a person who I really looked up to, managed to draw my mind into that forbidden territory again, i.e. red lipsticks!

I have always tried to live my life on my own terms and tried not to ascribe to common beliefs. So gradually I decided to shake off this last inhibition I had and ventured to a cosmetics shop to gaze at the variety of red lipsticks for sale.

I was bowled over by the different shades of red available. For a moment, I was tempted to purchase all of them. Then, restraining myself I purchased a few of the shades that I had liked the most.

When I started using red lipsticks, it was like I was a woman transformed! I never imagined that a single accessory could change the way I perceived myself and the way that others perceived me.

Did I get several comments over my usage of red lipstick? Yes, I definitely did and I continue to do so. These comments range from, “I don’t know how you have the courage to wear red lipstick” to “But red lipsticks suit you.”

I am not of the view that a woman needs a tool to look beautiful. But yes, whenever I wear a red lipstick, I feel gorgeous, confident and in control.

So I am a woman who loves her red lipsticks and the power that they give her. I will be unapologetic in saying that I will continue to sport red lipstick till the day that I die!

Book Review – The Uncommon Detectives and Mutiny at Primrose High.


There is a reader in all of us. Be it reading books, novels, newspapers or magazines. Children to Elders all of us love reading books ! But how many of us can actually write a book ? I am sure 70% of us can at least write a page long essay coz we are all adults with good English. But how many of us can write a book? Or how many kids can write a book at the age of 12? How many moms encourage their child to write a book at that age ?

Let me tell you about the first book I am reviewing. The book is called – “The Uncommon Detectives.” Already sounds exciting coz of it’s thriller title right? Firstly, I want to talk about the author here.  Mahijit Bhatt is a 12-year old boy who is the author of this book. Yes, 12 ! What…

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Misuse of power

In my first post I spoke about bullying in the workplace. What should one do when placed in a position wherein your head misuses the power given to her by the institution and tries her best to make your life miserable? What should one do when one is in a situation where one does not look forward to going in to work everyday?

Sadly, I have been placed in such a position in my workplace. I am being constantly harassed and pressured on a daily basis by a person who unfortunately has been given a position of authority by the institution for which I work.

Should I decide not to be a victim and fight back? But that fight will ultimately cause distress to me and put me under more pressure. Or should I bow out of the situation?

What is to be done about people who use their authority to harass and disrespect those who are below them in the hierarchy of an organisation? I would welcome comments, suggestions and advice from all those who read my post.












Bullying in the workplace!

We all tend to think that bullying is restricted to childhood but it may come as a surprise to many to know that bullying often takes places in adulthood and is extended to the workplace as well.

Unfortunately, the bully is usually the one in the position of power in the workplace. The said bully does not hesitate to misuse his power to bully his underlings. Of course the bully can also be a colleague, usually a senior one.

What has prompted this post is that I have been a victim of bullying in the workplace and from experience, I would like to say that the only way to deal with it is to call the bully out for what he or she is! We all need to remember that every bully is fundamentally a coward and that he or she will always back down when confronted.