Book: Love Knows No Boundaries                             tempImageForSave

Author: Sujay Kantawala

Genre: Romance Fiction

Published by: Pblishing

Number of pages: 130 pages

My Rating: 5/5

BOOK SUMMARY: Shaquille Ahamat is the son of a State Governor in Chad and has little to worry about until a polo accident leaves him practically paralysed below the hip. He seeks treatment at an ayurvedic centre in Sharjah, where he falls in love with the head of the treatment centre, a beautiful ascetic, Ritambhara Devi. She too reciprocates his feelings.

MY REVIEW: I have received a review copy of “Love Knows No Boundaries” by Sujay Kantawala from The Book Planet PR in exchange for an honest review.

This is a short and beautifully written story about two individuals who come from different countries, religions and backgrounds and meet and fall in love because of mitigating circumstances.

Shaquille Ahamat leads a carefree and privileged life until he is seriously injured while playing polo. After a year of being an invalid, he decides to go to an ayurvedic centre in Sharjah to get treated.

Ritambhara Devi is an ascetic who has been raised in an Ashram in Rishikesh and has been trained in herbal medicine. Her Guruji sends her as the head of the new centre in Sharjah.

Ritambhara starts to treat Shaquille and the two of them fall in love, in the course of his treatment.

Ritambhara is truly a modern woman who does not want to give up her love for Shaquille and at the same time she is not prepared to sacrifice her career as a healer.

Shaquille and Ritambhara manage to carry on with their relationship while living in different countries over more than a decade.

The story concludes with a wonderful explanation of the difference between love and marriage.

“Love Knows No Boundaries” is a very interesting and thought-provoking romance. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sujay Kantawala is an advocate who resides in Mumbai. He can be followed on Twitter on his handle @sujay_kantawala and on his Facebook page


Book: The Resurrection of Evil                                 tempImageForSave

Author: Neelabh Pratap Singh

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Published by: StoryMirror

Number of pages: 209 pages

My Rating: 4/5


MY REVIEW: I was graciously provided with a copy of this book by the author Neelabh Pratap Singh.

The story starts with a mysterious figure in a hooded leather jacket with luminous metallic bands around his wrists, who witnesses an angry husband killing his wife by mistake.

We are then introduced to the main character of the story, ACP Aryan. He is assigned to the Delhi Police on a case involving the robbery of an ancient pot that was excavated on an archaeological expedition.

It turns out that the ancient pot is no ordinary pot but rather it is an object that is much in demand and having ancient origins. The pot or cauldron is connected to an ancient Irish legend called Cath Maige Tuireadh as well as to a Mayan script and codex found along with four metallic rings in a Central American expedition.

The story races from Delhi and Dehradun to Haridwar and Thiruvananthapuram. There are a number of parties after the cauldron, all of whom have their own agenda.

This book stands out as it brings back ancient Indian mythology and connects it to modern theories. I was able to recollect tales that I read in childhood, about the Samudra Manthan-The Churning of the Ocean and about the Asuras, Devas and the Daanavas.

The climax of the story is brought about in a thrilling way with wormholes and black holes and the identity of the mysterious hooded figure being revealed.

The Resurrection of Evil is a lively, fun and fast paced read. It can be ordered on Amazon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Neelabh Pratap Singh is a mechanical engineer by profession and a writer by passion. He can be followed on Instagram on his handle @authorneelabh.


Book: Take a chance on me                                      tempImageForSave

Author: Sapna Bhog

Genre: Romance Fiction

Published by: Aarahan Publishers

Number of pages: 337 pages

My Rating: 5/5


MY REVIEW: The author Sapna Bhog generously provided me with a copy of her book, after confirming with me that I did enjoy reading romance fiction. It had been a considerable while since I had read a book in that genre but I was certain that I would enjoy it.

The story took me back to my teenage days when I used to read Mills & Boon novels. I can compare the story to a bar of chocolate, you cannot have enough of it with only one bite. I finished reading the entire book in a day!

The story revolves around the blossoming romance between Keya Karia and her boss and best friend’s brother Kabier Sehgal. Sparks fly between Keya and Kabier from their first meeting itself and the chemistry between the pair continues to grow throughout the story.

All the ingredients of a great romantic novel are there in this story: a foreign trip, a destination wedding, suspicion, jealousy, a yacht party, an unwell grandfather, a hostile mother and of course a villain!

The love scenes in the book are tastefully written. All the characters in the story are refreshingly modern. I particularly enjoyed reading about the friendship between Keya, Raashi and Sheena and the camaraderie between Kabier and his cousins. The book comes to an extremely satisfactory conclusion after the obligatory thwarting of the villain.

I ended the book feeling good about romance and looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

“Take a chance on me” is highly recommended by me as a wonderful romance novel. The book is available as an e-book and can be ordered on Amazon. It is also available in Crossword stores.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sapna Bhog is a computer engineer who has turned to writing. This is her first romance novel. She can be followed on Instagram on her handle @sapnawrites.


Book: Who burned the moon?tempImageForSave

Author: Rahul Vishnoi

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Published by: BOOKed

Number of pages: 252 pages

My Rating: 3.5/5


MY REVIEW: The author Rahul Vishnoi was kind enough to provide me with a copy of his book. The book was accompanied by some posters depicting characters in the book, which intrigued me to start reading the book right away!

The story starts with a hilarious introduction of the villain of the book, Lala Purabnath and his sycophants. Lala Purabnath is engaged in a very profitable business, i.e. providing education in the hill town of Dimakiya. However, he is in search of someone, who can sing to the bones!

The reader then meets Rehan Saxena, a teenager who has failed Class 12 but his mother is hell bent on making him a “Daacter” (Doctor). For fulfilling this ambition, she manages to procure a fake marksheet and despite his protestations, packs him off to a new medical college opened by Lala Purabnath.

Once Rehan boards the bus to take him to the medical college, the fun begins! There are a number of memorable characters in the book like Tanu, Raina, Namak, Sukanya, to name a few. Reading about the personalities of the students and college staff takes one back to one’s own student days. I found myself comparing the book to the famous movie The 3 Idiots as I kept chuckling over the humorous dialogues in the story.

But all in the college is not what it seems! The college has underground tunnels that are populated by “gilchis”, beings that are half-animal and half-human. Namak turns out to have super powers, there is a telling of an ancient legend of the Grand King and the gold bones and the story concludes with a hunt for “gilchis” on vehicles called Moontrackers. This is when the story becomes “3 Idiots meets Harry Potter.”

Who Burned the Moon? is a light, fun filled and entertaining read. It can be ordered on Amazon.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rahul Vishnoi is a dentist residing in Delhi. This is his first book. He can be followed on Instagram on his handle @datdelhidentist.


Some time ago I had posted about Chique Jewels and its owner Rina Punater. When I came to know that Rina was coming to Mumbai in April to exhibit her jewellery, I managed to persuade her to exhibit in Ahmedabad as well!

So Chique Jewels will be exhibiting in Ahmedabad for the first time this Saturday, the 7th of April. The venue will be Anmol Exhibition Gallery, Radhika House, Next to Pantaloons, Law Garden and the timings will be between 11 AM to 7 PM.

What are the items that will be on display? The answer is: various types of earrings, bracelets and pendants on chains.

Are Chique Jewels’ products expensive? The answer is: the jewellery is extremely reasonably priced, the price range is between 2000 to 3500 Rs. Only.

The uniqueness of Chique Jewels’ products is that they can be worn casually as well as formally. I, for one, always face the problem of selecting just one piece of jewellery, when I have to choose a piece from their collection.

So this Saturday, do come over to Anmol Exhibition Gallery and have a look at Chique Jewels’ gorgeous and glamourous creations! That is certainly where I am going to be.

Chique Jewels can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.


Last week my family and I decided to go on a long drive and check out a new place that we had been hearing a lot about: the quaintly named Jugmug Thela. We were under the impression that it was merely a stall to have tea and coffee. But upon reaching there we were pleasantly surprised to find that though it was indeed a stall, there was a spacious seating area and a fairly detailed and lengthy menu.

We had to deliberate amongst ourselves considerably as there were a lot of items that seemed appetising to us. There were several flavours of cookies and ice pops on display. Along with the varieties of teas and coffees, there were also milkshakes and soda pops available.

On the food menu, there were several items like wraps, sandwiches, hot dogs and pizzas on display. The owner Mrs. Sonu Gupta informed me that the place was operating since January 2018 and that all their food and beverages were natural and organic.

Upon seating ourselves, we saw that there was also an area resembling an amphitheatre. I inquired about the same with the manager Mr. Pranav Gupta and he told me that Jugmug Thela provided entertainment from Monday to Thursday.

On Thursday they have poetry recitations, on Friday documentary movie screenings, on Saturday live music with bands performing from all over India and on Sunday stand-up comedy. Moreover, they are planning to have some sort of entertainment from Monday to Wednesday also.

We came away from Jugmug Thela with the feeling of wanting to visit the place again. So now the next time we feel that Ahmedabad lacks daily entertainment, we should definitely think of and head to Jugmug Thela!

Jugmug Thela can be followed on Facebook as jugmugahmedabad and on Instagram as jugmug_ahmedabad. For inquiries you can contact them on: 9099012160 and 9727988901.


I recently came across and read a novel- “A Life to Die For”. I was impressed with the complexity of the book and even more so when I came to know that the book was translated from Gujarati to English and that the young author was a resident of Ahmedabad itself!

Accordingly, I got in touch with Nilay as I was very curious to know how such a young man had written such a compelling narration.

I will briefly narrate the plot of “A Life to Die For” without giving away too many details: the story is set in the fictional state of Jambola & Kushwarg as well as in Siran and Zayakistan. The story begins when a young girl is rescued from her solitary confinement. The girl herself cannot identify her captor and has clearly been abused. From there, the story branches into a number of plots and sub-plots as various characters are introduced.

“What does it take for someone to be someone?” is the question in the book that the characters in the novel strive to find answers to.

The first startling fact about Nilay is that he is only 23 years old and a Chartered Accountant to boot! However, he has always been inclined toward the arts and wrote his first short story at the tender age of 6 years old! What is even more noteworthy is that A Life to Die For was originally written in Gujarati as “Asammat” (published in July 2016) and was then translated into English by Nilay himself.

I was also surprised to learn from Nilay that he wrote the entire book in just 4 months. However he told me that he had the various plots in the book ready in his mind before he started writing his story. He went through 4 drafts of his book before the final outcome was ready.

Nilay decided to avoid the traditional publishing route and chose to get his book self-published. He confessed to me that he is extremely poor at marketing and publicising his work.

Nilay is currently working on his next story, to quote him, “a psychological thriller with an unusual narrative”. Nilay wants to be known for novels that stand out and does not even rule out film direction in the future. Though he loves writing in Gujarati, he admits that he has now started writing more in English.

“A Life to Die” For is not available in bookstores but a copy of the book can be ordered from ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Infibeam.

Nilay can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as AuthorNilay. I would urge everyone to follow this budding talent and encourage him by reading his book. I am personally looking forward to reading his next work!