Book: Ineligible


Author: Bijaya Kumar Mishra

Genre: Romance Fiction

Published by: Invincible Publishers

Number of pages: 173 pages

My Rating: 3.5/5

MY REVIEW: I received a copy of “Ineligible” by Bijaya Kumar Mishra in exchange for an honest review.

Saahil and Varsha are very much in love and want to get married. However, in true Bollywood fashion, Saahil is a penniless, unemployed orphan while Varsha comes from a very wealthy family.

To take the comparison to Bollywood further, Varsha’s brother Dev sets down conditions for Saahil if he wants to marry Varsha: he must own a house, a car, have a monthly income of one lakh rupees and a bank balance of ten lakh rupees!

Saahil starts rushing to meet these impossible targets. On the other hand Dev fixes Varsha’s marriage to a stranger, making the situation even more difficult for Saahil and Varsha.

Saahil learns lots of lessons on his journey to earn money. Varsha ably assists him in achieving his targets. They are also aided by an assortment of friends and people they meet who become their friends.

Whether Saahil achieves his target and whether the love story has a happy ending, is obviously part of the suspense of the story and should not be revealed by me!

“Ineligible” is a fun filled and quirky romance that will certainly appeal to readers who love that particular genre.



Book: Once Upon an IAS Exam


Author: K. Vijayakarthikeyan

Genre: Fiction

Published by: Rupa Publications

Number of pages: 138 pages

My Rating: 4/5

MY REVIEW: I was kindly provided with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

The story is about Vishy, a young man from Chennai. Vishy qualified as a Mechanical Engineer but now dreams of becoming an IAS officer. In order to fulfil his dream, he needs to clear the UPSC exams.

After failing on his first attempt, Vishy now joins coaching classes to help him prepare for his next attempt. Vishy is now helped along his journey by his parents, his friend and love interest Rithika, his friends and teachers of his coaching classes.

The story brings to life the numerous pressures faced by the aspirants to attempt to clear the UPSC exams, one of India’s toughest exams. Will Vishy be able to withstand the pressure and crack the UPSC? The reader needs to read the book to find out.

If you are looking for a breezy and light read, I will certainly recommend this book to you. People of all ages can certainly understand and enjoy the book.


Book: Life is Funny   tempImageForSave

Author: Arun

Genre: Fiction

Published by: Notion Press

Number of pages: 132 pages

My Rating: 2.5/5

MY REVIEW: The author Arun provided me with a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.

The story is about a young man Arjun Kapoor (not the Bollywood actor) who is bored with his job. He gathers his college friends into joining him on a vacation to Goa.

The story deals with his preparations for the trip, his flight to Goa and his stay there with his friends.

Their vacation sounds like every other young man’s vacation to Goa, they drink, go to clubs, check out women and drive around on bikes and go to the beach.

Arjun is the type of person who tries to find humour in every situation. The most interesting point in the story takes place when he meets an Israeli girl Christina. He teaches Christina to meditate and they exchange stories about their life experiences. However, after that, they do not stay in touch.

The story ends with Arjun and his friends leaving Goa and going back to their routine lives.

I found the story lacking in any exciting moments. “Life is Funny” is a book that is nothing out of the ordinary.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Arun is currently working in the R & D wing of a food based MNC. He is deeply interested in meditation. He can be followed on Instagram @seekeroffreedom