I came across the charming Xafira Mendonsa’s amazing hand crafted soaps and she was kind enough to provide me with some samples. Today I am going to review two of her soaps.

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The first soap that I have tried is called Lemon & Honey. Xafira calls it a “happy soap” and I must admit that using it and inhaling its fragrance made me feel really happy! I checked out its ingredients and learned that it is made out of lemon essential oils, honey and lemon peels. I felt that this soap particularly suited me as I have an oily skin.

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The second soap that I tried was very interesting in appearance and is called Himalayan Pink Rock Salt in Aloe Vera. This soap is for all skin types and is said to draw out toxins from the body. The Himalayan rock salt is said to contain minerals like chromium, zinc and sulphur. This soap is also said to help to prevent acne and keep the skin smooth.

The best part about these soaps is that they are free of artificial foaming agents (detergents), parabens, alcohol, petroleum and artificial preservatives.

I would definitely recommend these soaps to everyone. Though they are pricy, (each soap costs Rs. 250/), they are definitely long lasting and of excellent quality. Xafira lives in Mumbai and can be contacted on 9821735666 or on 9967586929. She can be followed on her Instagram account Creativity with Taste. She is also available on Facebook as Xaf’s Bath and Body.


Product: Night Repair Gel (Saffron & Aloe Vera)   tempImageForSave

Manufacturer: Mystic Kaori

Quantity: Available in 50 grams and 100 grams

Price: Rs. 225 for 50 grams and Rs. 410 for 100 grams

My Rating: 4/5

I had posted a while ago that I had started using the Night Repair Gel by Mystic Kaori. This post is about the benefits that I have experienced after using this product. For those who missed my previous post, the ingredients of the night repair gel are as under:

INGREDIENTS: Farm fresh aloe vera, sandalwood powder, raktachandan, saffron, vitamin E oil, geranium essential oils, Frankenstein oil rose water and vegetable glycerine.

Of course all women know about the importance of using a night repair product. I have been applying this product since a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a considerable improvement in my skin tone.

I make sure that I apply this gel on my face every night before going to bed. The things that I ensure is that I only apply it on a cleansed face and that I refrigerate the product.

The best part about this night repair gel is that it dissolves beautifully in my skin so that I do not wake up in the morning with a sticky or oily face. I definitely recommend this product to all women!

Mystic Kaori has a wide range of personal care and beauty regime products. They try their best to use minimal preservatives in their products.

Mystic Kaori products are available in Ahmedabad in the shop “Gujjju” located at Sarjan-1, Ground floor, Shop No. 3 & 4, Opposite Vishal Tower, B/h Saavi Women’s Hospital, Satellite.

Orders can also be placed over their Facebook page: Mystic KAORI soaps & more.


Product: Hair nutrient with egg oil   tempImageForSave

Manufacturer: Eyova

Quantity: Available in 50 ml

Price: Rs. 590 for 50 ml

My Rating: 4/5

Today I will be posting about an interesting product that I have started using: a hair nutrient with egg oil manufactured by Eyova.

I examined the ingredients of the product and was impressed to learn that each bottle of Eyova contains egg oil that has been extracted from more than 20 eggs using cold press technology.

I have been using this product since a couple of week in accordance with the instructions given, i.e. I massage Eyova hair nutrient on the scalp and leave it on for a minimum of 3 hours and then shampoo my hair.

What are the benefits that I have observed from using this hair nutrient? There has definitely been an improvement in the quality of my hair. The product is also said to prevent hair loss, dandruff and greying and help in hair growth.

Of course I will be able to ascertain that only after I have used this hair nutrient for some months.

I did find this product to be useful. For those people, who do not like the smell of eggs, I will reassure you that the product has a pleasing fragrance and definitely does not smell of egg! I do think that price-wise it is on the higher side but as far as quality is concerned, I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil is available on both Amazon and Flipkart.


Product: Tea Tree Essential OiltempImageForSave

Manufacturer: Rey Naturals

Quantity: Available in 15 ml

Price: Rs. 279 for 15 ml

My Rating: 4/5

The latest product that I have started using is Tea Tree Essential Oil by Rey Naturals. It is made out of 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil-steam distilled from the leaves of the tea tree plant.

I started using this essential oil as I was suffering from a mild but persistent dandruff problem. I added a few drops of the essential oil to my regular hair oil and applied the mixture to my hair. I washed my hair with shampoo after a couple of hours. I noticed that the dandruff had reduced considerably after just a couple of such applications.

The Tea Tree Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil. Not only can it be used in dilution with regular hair oil if one is having a dandruff problem, if you have any spots on your skin, dilute your skin cream with a few drops of this essential oil. You can also add a few drops of this essential oil to your bath water to have a soothing bath!

Moreover, the tea tree essential oil can be used in washing machines or washing water to sanitise clothes and as an insect repellent by putting a few drops of the oil on cotton balls and placing it near areas where there are insects.

I found this product extremely useful as well as good value for money. I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Tea Tree Essential Oil by Rey Naturals can be ordered on Amazon.


A couple of months ago, my trainer Mr. Praful Raval gifted me an odd-looking object! Being used to gifts that were edible or cosmetic, at first I couldn’t decipher what it was and inquired about it.

He informed me that it is a foam roller and that we would be incorporating the usage of it prior to our workout sessions.

Being excited about this gift, I imagined that it would give me a soothing and relaxing effect and I was very delighted to take it out of its cover and start using it as a warmup to my workout session.

But my joy was short-lived as it proved to be a painful device rather than an enjoyable one. To put it very simply: the foam roller hurt every part of my body I placed it under!

Thereafter I managed to stash it away and hoped and prayed that my trainer would forget about it! But I had no such luck! As soon as he returned from one of his trips, just before commencing my workout session, he asked me where my foam roller was.

I admitted to him that I had left it in the boot of my car. He made me get it and then put me through a series of foam roller exercises. He also explained to me why he insisted that I use it!

Even the simple exercise of bending down and touching your toes becomes easier after having used a foam roller. Using it before starting your workout improves your mobility and flexibility considerably. I observed that I could do my exercises in a smoother fashion after going through my pre-workout foam roller routine. I also felt that my running was more fluid after I used the foam roller prior to my run.

The foam roller can also be used post-workout. When used after your workout, it speeds up your recovery and reduces muscle soreness. It can also be used to target injured areas, but this should only be done under the guidance of your trainer.

There are a number of simple exercises that can be performed on the foam roller. It is necessary to perform each exercise at least 10 to 12 times for maximum benefit. While using the foam roller, it is important to do your exercise slowly and correctly, feeling the movement rather than trying to rush through it. It is also equally important to pay attention to your posture and follow the instructions of your trainer carefully.

Essentially, the foam roller is a form of self-massage that increases blood flow to your muscles and creates better mobility, helps with muscle recovery and improves your overall performance during a workout.

Now after having used it a few times, I have to reluctantly concede that he was right. The foam roller does take some getting used to, but it ceases to be as painful as it initially feels. Though I still grimace and flinch while using it, the result that it gives me is worth the discomfort. I definitely recommend the foam roller to be added as a valuable tool in the kit of every fitness fanatic. It can easily be ordered online and the prices range from approximately Rs. 700/- to Rs. 2500/- depending on the type of model.

I will endeavour to keep providing everyone with fitness tools and tips that are not complex gadgets and can be used on a regular basis.

I am sure that my trainer is now busy thinking about some new exercise tool to torment me with! So that everyone can avail of his expertise, I am providing everyone with his contact information as under:

Mr. Praful Raval: 9998999577

He can be contacted via e-mail on and followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@PrafulRaval38)